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Meet Our Team

Our goal is to take the burden off taxpayers having to cover the cost for services rendered by their departments. How do we do this? We contact the insurance companies to attain reimbursement for the cost associated with at-fault automobile accidents.

David Hewins – Account Specialist Supervisor

Born and raised in the state of Maine, David knows firsthand the struggles of the communities he works with. He has over 25 years of experience serving Maine and its residents. He puts that experience to use to better help each town and its fire departments.

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Bill Wentworth – Customer Relations

Many years of experience working with the community, Bill puts that knowledge to use for CMCR. He works with the Fire Chiefs and the Towns to get them started with using our services. After the Towns sign with us, Bill is committed to making sure everyone is satisfied with the outcome. 

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Barbara Hewins – Customer Service

Barbara worked in the office at a local hospital for many years, so she knows what kind of incidents take place in Maine. Since leaving the hospital she has taken care of all the behind the scene management responsibilities here at CMCR. Her years of experience dealing with patients, and, insurance companies, are put to good use here at CMCR.

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Amy Webber- Customer Service

Having years of experience as an office manager as well as years of volunteer work, Amy is effective in providing excellent customer service in a variety of ways. She remains focused on the needs of the clients, making sure any claim processed receives the attention it deserves.

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Christi Larrabee – Customer Service

Christi has been with the company from the start. She is a people person, eager to help, which in turn has made her excel in customer relations. Her desire to work with ones through the whole process answering any questions along the way has made the process go smoother for many clients. She has been a great asset to the team. 

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David Mckiever- Customer Service

David, with years of experience working in the legal industry, has learned to pay attention to details. He focuses on ensuring that insurance companies get all the information they need to properly evaluate the claims we submit as well as helping to answer questions and concerns that might arise. 

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Carolann Gibb – Customer Service

Since starting at CMCR Carolann has been an energetic, reliable individual who understands the needs of our clients. With her excellent communication skills, she is able to handle every claim with the insurance companies with the thoughtfulness and care it deserves. 

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Jenna Lapointe – Medical Coder

Jenna is a registered nurse with over 12 years of experience working in healthcare. She started her career as a medical coder in the hospital setting and has transitioned her area of focus to ambulance coding and billing. She continues to work as a registered nurse part time, and her skills and experience working in emergency medicine, along with her compassion and dedication to people, are a tremendous asset to the team. 

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Virginia Larrabee – Secretarial Assistant

Before CMCR, Virginia ran a family business for many years. The knowledge she gained during that time she puts to great use. Managing the behind the scenes work making sure everything is accurate and taking care of on time. A great asset to the team.

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Julie Wentworth – Customer Service

A Maine native, Julie is a very family oriented individual. She worked with her husband Bill in his merchandising company which gave her the opportunity to travel all over Maine. Her customer service experience through the years has made her a great fit for the CMCR team.

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